Weblogs for kids

KidzBlog makes weblog publishing both easy and fun. Even young children can publish a weblog with KidzBlog. KidzBlog is simple to use. Create a weblog, give it a name, customize its look, and you are ready to start adding posts. Each post is a combination of text and a picture. KidzBlog has simple painting tools that makes creating pictures a snap. When you are ready to publish your weblog, just click the Publish button in the Posts window and your weblog will be on the Internet for everybody to see.

KidzBlog is a complete weblog publishing system. Weblogs published with KidzBlog use CSS to control the layout of elements on every web page. Archive pages are maintained automatiically for you as you add new posts to your weblog. The main index page has a configurable number of posts and the rest of your posts are all contained on the archive pages. Syndication (the ability to subscribe to your weblog with an RSS reader) is made possible with an index.rss file, which is a validating RSS 2.0 file that is written with the rest of your web pages each time you publish your weblog.



KidzBlog 1.3